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Game News
Welcome to Death Merchants of Eldre' Thalas!

About Us: We are Level 21 guild of over 200 members. Death Merchants is primarily a social guild. Our motto: "Have fun and Help others!" Our guild is comprised of members of a variety of ages and locations predominantly US based. We were founded in 2008. Our guild GM is Lavarious.

Existing Members: We encourage all existing guild members to create free accounts here. It should be a given, but just a reminder, this is hosted on a third party website, so please do not use the same login information you use for your Blizzard account for obvious security reasons. Membership is free but once you sign up it will require the approval of a guild officer or website administrator in order for you to gain access to most of the features of our website. We are not immediately flagged of new sign ups at this point so please be patient. Approval could take up to 24 hours. If your website account hasn't been approved in 24 hours, let an in game guild officer know to look for it.

New Guild Memberships: We are recruiting all classes, all levels, all races. We encourage non-guild members to sign up a free membership here on our website. Once we learn how to use the website recruitment options we will activate them. We are using the in game guild recruitment that became available with Patch 4.1 Feel welcome to use it to request membership. Alternatively you can create an account on our website and use the Recruitment Forum to apply.

More to Come: Please check our website often as we will be updating as we grow. Thanks for your interest in Death Merchants! See you in game!
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A Difficult Challenge Achievement.

Pinthalion, Nov 12, 11 6:22 AM.
Congrats Death Merchants on Achieving 100 Guild Challenges!

Death Merchants Achieves Level 21 !

Pinthalion, Nov 12, 11 6:13 AM.
Congrats Death Merchants on a new level!  Enjoy your new perk "Have Group Will Travel"!

Death Merchants Achieves Level 20 !

Pinthalion, Oct 16, 11 9:16 AM.
Congratulations to Death Merchants on obtaining level 20 on 10/15/2011!~

We'rrreeeee baaaccckkkkk!

Sonjalia, Sep 8, 11 3:54 AM.
Hey guys and gals....Pin and I are back from the nether region of no internet!  Can't wait to see everyone online!!  Ready to do some raiding....let's go!

Death Merchants Passes Level 15

Pinthalion, Jul 18, 11 7:34 AM.
Congrats on making level 15. Now everyone can enjoy the Quick and the Dead perk!  Run faster all you dead peeps!  lol
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